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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UK MPAA Pressuring ISPs To Block File-Sharing Services

Recently, BT – one of the largest broadband providers in the country – has been forced to block the famous file-sharing site Newzbin2. However, the story doesn’t seem to be coming to an end with the court ruling: while the service keeps struggling by developing more and more way to circumvent the ban, two other UK’s Internet service providers, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, feel the pressure from the UK’s Motion Picture Association to block the news site as well.


Just a week ago MPA, a large movie industry watchdog, has sent TalkTalk and Virgin Media letters saying that the outfit would obtain the court orders demanding to impose the block and asked such an order would be opposed in some way, according to the local media reports.

As for the recipients of the letters, both of the Internet service providers admitted that they will comply to such blocking order if the court rules so. In the interview regarding this issue, Virgin Media explained that the company believed such deterrents should be accompanied by really compelling legal alternatives, like their agreement with the largest online streaming service Spotify that provided their consumers access to the copyrighted material at the reasonable price. As for TalkTalk, this broadband provider was noticed to fight against the introduction of the UK’s copyright legislation (Digital Economy Act), which imposed very strict anti-piracy rules.

This decision followed the story of the BPI (the British Phonographic Industry) demanding BT to prevent its subscribers from accessing the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay, pointing at the Newzbin2 ruling as a precedent.

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