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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grooveshark Will Fight Against Record Labels

There’ve already been a couple media reports about Grooveshark, a popular media service, targeted by Universal Music. There was a 45-pages complaint form trying to justify the lawsuit against media website by implying that Grooveshark is just a pirate site. The paper in question also accused the company’s employees of uploading more than 113,700 tracks, including works of Guns N’Roses, Bob Marley, Eminem, and Jay-Z.

Record label made a list of 1809 songs that had been allegedly taken from Grooveshark’s library to present it in a court. Universal Music is asking for $150,000 penalties for each song, which brings it to a total of $271,350,000 in damages. In reply, the service said that Universal’s claims were based almost entirely on some anonymous and false online blog comment posted on Digital Music News. The comment claimed that the company’s staff was provided quotas to upload copyrighted material, and was even rewarded for doing that.

The effectiveness of the system was emphasized by one of the dissatisfied employees, who said that Grooveshark’s users barely needed to upload any popular album or track – and the record label didn’t overlook this copyright infringement. In order to ensure that all the tracks are available, Escape’s senior officers have uploaded plenty of illegal sound recordings to the service and have told their employees to do the same.

Aside from this, the complaint in this lawsuit also included a number of e-mails from Escape Media director saying that Grooveshark’s business was bet on the fact that it was much easier to simply ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission from the very beginning. Another e-mail claimed that Grooveshark’s success was achieved without paying anything to the record labels.

Last week, the copy of the record label’s complaint was made available from official sources. The statement were made that the label decided to tip off the press (regarding the case) even before telling Grooveshark. While the label has deliberately engaged the media before serving a copy of the complaint on the online service, the latter is going to fight this battle before the court, but not in the press. Grooveshark is currently welcoming the opportunity to present all the facts to the court. The service is confident that it’ll prevail in the litigation.

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