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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hackers Attempt To Crack 600,000 Facebook Accounts Per Day

Hackers attempt to break into at least 600,000 Facebook accounts every day, the social networking giant has revealed.
According to Facebook, out of more than a billion logins to the website every 24 hours, hundred of thousands are impostors attempting to access users' messages, photos and other personal information.
The revelations came as part of a Facebook blog post announcing a couple of new security measures being implemented across the site over the coming weeks to tackle such breaches, the Telegraph reports.
Calling the figures a 'big concern', security experts have advised people to choose complicated passwords to avoid any of their personal online accounts being hacked and to have different ones for every single digital service they use.
It is understood that out of the approximate 600,000 'compromised Facebook logins' a day, not all of them are successful as Facebook is able in certain circumstances to block some pre-emptively using location technology, the paper said.
Facebook is rolling out two new features in an attempt to further protect its users' security.
'Trusted Friends' is a tool that would allow users to nominate three to five 'trusted friends' to be sent login codes if a person is locked out of their account, having had their password changed by a hacker.
The site is also introducing passwords for apps, meaning members do not have to use the same logins for different third party services they access via Facebook, such as Spotify

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