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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

uTorrent Became More Android & Apple Friendly

Today the rapid development of technology is permanently pushing the limits of how Internet users understand the web. Now more and more people find themselves separated from the chair sitting at the personal computer and become mobile on the go. Indeed, some can hardly remember the times when you could only use Internet at home, tied to you PC which you couldn’t even move because of the cable. That’s why the development team of BitTorrent Inc. is again setting the example and is first to release an optimized edition of its already notorious uTorrent Remote for Apple’s iPad. Moreover, the company has also improved the mainline application and uTorrent for Mac users.


The brand-new uTorrent Remote has already been seriously upgraded in order to cover both the Apple and Android market. BitTorrent’s Director of Product Management, Brett Nishi, announced that the company was happy to release a gorgeous new Internet interface for µTorrent, adjusted to the Apple’s iPad for a great touch experience. The client comes complete with all the functionality in the µTorrent Remote based on the personal computer.

Majority of the client’s features can be found in the left sidebar, which combines easy access with functionality. Meanwhile, the developing team of BitTorrent Inc. has been working hard over the company’s mainline and uTorrent applications in order to satisfy the demands of those Internet users who instead of choosing a Linux or Windows-based OS turned to the Mac OSX. This move, coupled with the rapidly growing popularity of Apple devices, has finally led to the release of a stable version of uTorrent client for Mac.

In his blog post, Brett Nishi explained that in the file-sharing community, the number of Internet users having at least one Apple product is increasing at a very quick pace. That’s why the company decided to meet the demands of its customers and ensure them it heard them loud and clear with users’ requests for a bit more love. In fact, the company added uTorrent Remote support for the iPad and Android more than a year ago, but it never focused that precisely on the iPad until now, introducing a dramatic redesign especially optimized for touchscreen usage.

Aside from the compatibility changes, you can find RSS Feeds, Advanced Controls, Schedule, Info, Remote and Mobile access in the list of innovative features this edition of uTorrent includes.

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