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Monday, October 29, 2012

America Looking for a Cyber Reason to Invade Iran

Desperate to find a reason to get involved, the military establishment of the United States decided to use its latest bugbear of cyber warfare as its latest pretext. The country is now claiming that Iran is going to fire cyber weapons of mass distraction.

A week ago, the American military issued the warning, saying that they might have to take an action to stop a cyber war. In the meantime, the Defense Secretary also claimed that the country faced a risk of a so-called “cyber-Pearl Harbor”. These claims were made after the last year mutterings that cyber war might be countered with conventional weaponry.

According to the press reports of the last week, the United States has claimed that Iran has launched a serious wave of hacker attacks which crippled the machines throughout the Saudi oil industry along with some financial institutions in America.

It seems that the United States chose another tactics and has focused on a cybercorps created by Iran last year instead of paying attention to weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps, this was done in response to the US and Israeli hacker attacks on the local nuclear enrichment plant.

Although the cyber attacks originating from Iran have actually been modest and the country is definitely much weaker than, for instance, China or Russia, the United States doesn’t want desperately to go to war with those countries.

Nevertheless, the United States believes that it should get involved anytime that oil is mentioned. It turned out that the biggest attack was that of Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world. Everyone knows that the War on Iraq was started against the Saudi’s enemies and an oil rival, and it is clear now that the Saudis don’t like Iran either.

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