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Monday, October 29, 2012

Facebook Revealed Users’ “Likes” to Advertisers

Once again, the world’s largest social network has sailed into a new privacy storm, because it became known that Facebook was providing some of its advertisers with the information on members’ “likes”.


Local media confirmed that Facebook allowed its favored advertisers to use an internal instrument which shows them what other pages their own fans like. In other words, the “priority” advertising companies now know what films their fans like, which products they buy and what music they listen to. This was discovered by AdWeek which made it public that extra special business partners of the social network were allowed to access the instrument in question for now.

In response, Facebook claimed that this instrument can help marketers create better advertising campaigns. The representatives of the company admit that Facebook does offer aggregated insights to some advertisers which can allow them understand trends about their fan bases. However, the social network doesn’t give away all the personal details of its users: the instrument doesn’t provide the advertisers with any information about their rivals’ fan bases. Still, the tool allows them to gather collective data. Today, the company demands that the marketers should come to their offices to access this data.

Facebook explains that in the event that the instrument goes mainstream it will just help the advertisers decide which film to advertise on or which music to use in a commercial. The company didn’t reveal its plans over the tool – whether it is going to offer it to all its clients or only favored ones. Anyway, this tool could prove to be just another valuable source of revenue for Facebook if it did.

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