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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Google Won't Allow the Author to Give Away His Book

Industry observers often call Google’s customer service a “massive failure”, and now they can say the same about the company’s overzealous attempts to fight piracy. The experts point to an example of Cody Jackson – an author who decided to make his book available for free.
Jackson’s book is titled “Start Programming with Python”, and he decided to give it away for free in consideration of all the benefits offered by the open-source community. Internet users could find links to download this work for free, but the writer also asked everyone to support his work through donations. Cody Jackson also wanted to use Google AdSense as a source of revenues, but he was contacted by the company’s bot which informed him that Google program had been disabled since the author offered illegal content.

The mater is that even if a link leads to legitimate content, it cannot do this through a portal hosting infringing material. When the writer received the letter, he immediately contacted Google to obtain the details and explain that he is the author of the book, which was published under a Creative Commons license. This makes all online copies legitimate and authorized.

Google replied that even taking into consideration this additional information it couldn’t re-enable ad serving to his website because it was still in violation. However, Cody Jackson has read Google’s terms and conditions again and again, but has found no reasons to delete the torrent links from there. The writer explained that BitTorrent was one of the first methods he had made his book available online. Cody figured out that a torrent file on the largest BitTorrent tracker was a no-brainer. Again and again the author tried to explain to Google that he owned copyrights to the book and has a complete right to give it away for free. Google gave him the same answer. Therefore, it is unclear what the writer has to do to actually earn money and give his book for free. The search giant just doesn’t let him to do so.

Experts are skeptic about the idea that Google would change its terms and conditions for Cody Jackson. However, this doesn’t mean that this problem isn’t the cause of some serious issues. Industry observers are sure that his case was not the first or the last one, which means that sooner or later Google will have to do something about it.

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