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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hackers Attacked Greek Sites

Well-known hacker collective Anonymous took down Greek government official sites right before the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was supposed to pay a visit.

It seems that Angela Merkel’s plan to visit Greece is likely to spark angry protests from the citizens who don’t approve of the way the Germany is demanding ever stronger austerity measures. Numerous news agencies were reporting yesterday of different government sites going offline late on Monday. The attacked authorities included the Ministry of Justice, the Citizens Protection Ministry, and the police.

Although the official reports contained no information on who was responsible for the hacker attack, the well-known hacker collective Anonymous has already put its hands up in its official Twitter channel.

As you know, Anonymous never do any harm without a purpose. In this case, the hackers criticized the huge security operation planned by the authorities for Tuesday to contain protests. The hacktivists compared the country’s government to the military junta which has been ruling Greece from 1967 to 1974.

In the meantime, various trade unions and opposition political parties have been calling for mass protests to greet Angela Merkel. As for the country’s authorities, at the moment the Greek government is negotiating with its international lenders. The country has the same problem of yet more spending cuts to clinch the next part of a many-billion bailout to save Greece from bankruptcy.

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