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Monday, October 22, 2012

Users Accidentally Like Romney on Facebook

It seems that Facebook software is now causing a lot of defriendings, because it somehow makes liberals look like they like Republican candidate Mitt Romney.


It has been for a while now that Internet users who don’t actually like the idea of being ruled by Mitt Romney were wondering why the largest social network in the world tells everyone that they like him. The largest problem is that it is causing a purge because the friends fall out. It was a surprise for many to find out that some people didn’t actually really like this person at all.

It’s been a while that a lot of American citizens have been claiming that Romney’s campaign team had deployed malware and used other nefarious means to improve Romney’s online stature. While Obama had 30,000,000 likes, Romney only had 8,000,000. However, the experts claim it wasn’t the candidate’s fault at all, but rather a trouble of the social network and its mobile version.

Facebook claimed that its users were just accidentally clicking on a Romney advertisement or some kind of a sponsored story from his campaign when browsing their news feed. In the meantime, this problem is unique to mobile due to the way the application works on small screens. It turned out that if a user touches the wrong part of a screen when browsing a political story, he or she might accidentally “like” the candidate. The most popular social network in the world explained that it’s doing its best to fix this flaw in its mobile applications for that sort of reason.

However, it is weird that no conservatives are complaining about ending up liking Obama. This sounds strange, because it may only be true if the Democrats are all thumbs, or Facebook is concealing something…

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