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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

WikiLeaks Founder to Sue Australian Prime Minister

Julian Assange, currently under investigation after two women claimed they were sexually assaulted by him, has decided to pay back and drag another woman into court with claims that she defamed him.


Although Julian Assange believes that it’s too dangerous to face criminal charges in court, he at the same time reckons that it’s absolutely safe for him to launch a lawsuit against Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard for defamation.

Assange said in the interview that he has already hired legal representatives in Sydney who are considering the ways he could sue Julia Gillard for things she said two years ago. The matter was that the Prime Minister referred to Assange’s service publication of classified data as “grossly irresponsible” and “illegal”.

WikiLeaks founder claimed that the Australian Federal Police cleared his portal of violating any legislation, but the comments of the Prime Minister caused credit card companies to prevent their customers from donating to the whistle-blowing service. Julian Assange pointed out that when MasterCard was asked to justify why it blocked the Australian citizens from donating to the portal, the company cited that statement by the local prime Minister as justification.

It looks like the WikiLeaks founder is annoyed that the local government hasn’t offered him any help since he was arrested two years ago. Julian Assange claimed that his situation was interfering severely with his family life. Indeed, his family had to change name, location, and keep hiding even from himself. Assange admits that inability to visit his family and do things important to everyone like seeing the skyline and visiting his homeland poisons his life, and the governments are not paying attention to this.

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