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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

.uk Domain Offered to Public

During the consultation that started today, Nominet, known as a top level domain vanguard in the United Kingdom, recommends the short .uk domain be offered for businesses. According to the local media reports, the non-commercial outfit thinks that top level .uk domain would be both good for business and security.

However, the industry experts have a different opinion, warning that it may all seem good until Nominet pays to a 3rd party auditor for cleaning the books and suspending domains it supervises without notification. Such move will inevitably threaten the business of the companies that would choose Nominet domains.

Although this offer of .uk domain will undoubtedly benefit Nominet, the reality is that the company runs a monopoly on the top level domains of the United Kingdom and profits from doing so. In the meantime, it is a non-commercial outfit that pays its top brass six figure salaries. Whatever it has left from the profits is spent for vanity charity projects and award ceremonies.

That’s why the industry observers warn the businesses that they should think twice before accepting Nominet’s offer and giving the company more money. It’s nothing bad about having the .uk domain, but it might be not useful for business to be dependent on such outfit.

Aside from this offer, an American Consumer Watchdog has recently warned that ICANN should pay its attention at the carving up of the Internet, with multinational corporations being able to bid big for generic top level domains like .monopoly or .anticompetition. The matter is that such move would lead to privatizing the Internet, which is nothing good for the industry either.

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