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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nokia Will Sell Its Finnish Headquarters

Nokia suddenly decided to sell its HQ in Espoo, Finland. Media reports say that this decision was part of the intention to get rid of non-core assets. Nokia’s representatives confirmed that their company is considering various options for non-core assets, including real estate holdings like headquarters.


The experts from the estate agency believe that Nokia’s well appointed glass and steel building which features its own hot and cold running water can be sold for up to $390,000,000. The only problem here is that it is unclear where Nokia’s employees, including the accountants and executives, will be able to gather and have meetings to practice their use of buzzwords. The joke of the industry observers is that if the IT executives are deprived of the ability to use such words and phrases as paradigm, problem solutions, long-term perspective, or leverage buyouts in the company of their peers, then they get serious problems with their health.

As you can understand, Finland is a bit nippy to allow the company to hold management meetings outside, especially in winter months, despite the fact that making a snowman would be a great team building exercise. The experts believe that the smartphone maker might move its headquarters to somewhere cheaper in the United States to be closer to Microsoft.

The recent event show that Nokia has been trying to improve its financial situation by significant job cuts and other desperate efforts, but it seems that it would end up with selling the family silver. At the moment, Nokia has more than 120,000 employees across 120 countries, and sells its devices in 150 countries. The company is currently the world’s 2nd-largest cell phone maker in the world after Samsung.

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