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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Phone Snooping Law Vetoed in California

Jerry Brown, a Californian governor, believes that people are better off with the law enforcement authorities knowing what they are doing all the time.


The Californian governor vetoed SB 1434 – the bill which required police to apply for a search warrant to obtain location tracking data. The governor is expected to explain his decision, because the bill passed through the state legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support. Even the local media believed that it was a great idea and there was extensive support for the bill.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation explained that Jerry Brown instead wants to sell out privacy rights to law enforcement. That’s exactly what he did in 2011. Last time he killed a bill which would have required the authorities to obtain a search warrant to search arrested people’s cell phone incident to arrest.

The governor explained he realized that privacy legislation should be updated, but the bill in question strikes the right balance between the operational needs of the authorities and privacy rights. In other words, it simply makes too difficult for the law enforcement to track someone when they want to do it quickly.

It is unclear why the governor wants to butter up the law enforcement. Although some experts believe that it is something to do with powerful police unions, this version can hardly be true. Jerry Brown has long been a financial conservative but liberal in majority of other areas. That’s why it is unclear for many why he comes on top by vetoing the suggestion the others eagerly supported. Anyway, this move makes is easier for Californian citizens to breathe, until the next suggestion of the authorities. 

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