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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Prime Minister of New Zealand Apologized to MegaUpload Founder

New Zealand’s prime minister John Key has provided MegaUpload founder, Kim Dotcom, with an official apology. This was about SWAT squads, encouraged by the entertainment industry, raiding Dotcom’s house. The prime minister admitted that Kim had been illegally spied on by the local government.


The prime minister announced that New Zealand had failed to provide the appropriate protection to its citizen Kim Dotcom. Earlier, John Key has delivered a report looking into the illegal interception of communications of MegaUpload employees.

John Key admitted that the way the local Government Communications Security Bureau acted was inappropriate and very disappointing. This organization only has power to listen in on communications between foreigners, but apparently ignored the fact that Kim Dotcom is a resident of New Zealand. As such, MegaUpload founder couldn’t be subject to that sort of snooping. It turned out that the outfit simply relied on information about his residency status provided by the police and failed to make any checks of its own.

Kim Dotcom and three of his colleagues are currently fighting extradition to the United States on alleged racketeering and copyright violation charges. Actually, the case in question looked like the entertainment industry flexing its muscles and clamping down on someone believed to be a threat.

Kim Dotcom launched the MegaUpload service to allow its members uploading files and sharing them. Despite the fact that people also shared music and other copyrighted content, the service had a lot of legitimate users, including people like architects. Their personal documents and files were seized when Kim’s property was raided. In response, some of the biggest artists in the music industry appeared to like Kim and MegaUpload enough to make a corny song about what happened.

The recent events will appear embarrassing to the entertainment industry that keeps trying to bring the axe down on everyone who is believed disruptive to the content market. In the meantime, as far as making an example of Kim Dotcom and its cyberlocker service is continuing, so far, much of the world is watching the events without any sympathy to the content industry persecuting him. Experts admit that it’s not what they should focus on in order to raise profits.

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