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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Yahoo CEO Revealed the Plans

New Chief Executive Officer of the company, Marissa Mayer, has revealed her plan to improve the performance of the company and save it from “death by mediocrity”.


Marissa Mayer is reported to mainly deliver broad visions instead of revealing specific things. In addition, people who were present realized that the meeting with the employees was tightly controlled. Anyway, Mayer lately has been noticed doing the right sorts of things to boost morale throughout her staff. She gave the employees smartphones, food, and the odd circus, which appeared to have a dramatic and positive impact on the company.

Marissa Mayer is planning to improve the company’s online services while gradually adapting Yahoo’s products to mobile devices. Her delivery apparently won applause from the audience, though the meeting was really tightly controlled and she didn’t say anything specific. Apparently, the company has clamped down firmly on leaks to the media sources, and people present at Tuesday’s assembly were ordered to shut both their laptops and their traps.

All we can say is that new Yahoo CEO is developing plans to lure back advertisers and somehow expand company’s user base. Mayer also revealed that Yahoo had appointed as its new chief financial officer Ken Goldman, an ex-CFO at cyber security software company Fortinet. He replaced Tim Morse, an interim Yahoo Chief Executive Officer for a year.

Marissa Mayer believes that her main goal is to boost morale at the almost twenty-years-old online company. Mayer is also making attempts to fight corporate red tape and has introduced such perks as free food and smartphones for staff.

A lot of industry experts are sure that Marissa Mayer will manage to renew the company’s focus on online technology and products instead of beefing up web material.

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