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Monday, October 22, 2012

Australia Blamed Hollywood for Absence of Concern

Australia’s Communications Alliance isn’t happy about the movie industry’s absence of concern over piracy. This organization is the dominant telecommunications industry body in Australia, whose main purpose is to regulate the solutions in a sound manner. Australia’s Communications Alliance is also trying to make use of the modern digital era by supervising the enforcement of National Broadband Network.


The CEO of the organization criticized Hollywood efforts of ending with a co-regulatory solution when the question of copyright violation is raised. Communications Alliance believes that the entertainment industry simply doesn’t want to create a precedent of being fair. The Attorney General’s Department has been arranging negotiations between various content and consumer groups, ISPs, and the governmental officials to find some industry-based solutions for copyright violation. In result, ISPs suggested a system based on notifications, where the cost of its enforcement had to be shared between the industry and copyright owners.

However, the copyright owners appeared to be reluctant to the idea of contributing to this system. In other words, they have absolutely no intentions of paying up. The regulatory body claimed that the entertainment industry simply doesn’t want to set a global precedent by doing a reasonable move in the country which national interest it doesn’t have at heart.

The possible reason is that the copyright owners might be upset about their defeat in the High Court of Australia against one of the ISPs – iiNet. This case made headlines a while ago and was launched on grounds that the broadband providers failed to send out warnings to alleged infringers.

Anyway, the outfit believes that copyright owners have to realize that finding a co-regulatory solution is actually in their interest, because it would provide an effective deterrent to copyright violation on the Internet, and this is a problem which is claimed to cost the rights owners between AU$2.5 and AU$3 million a day in this country. This should undoubtedly be a strong incentive to find a solution. Unfortunately, it seems that Hollywood doesn’t care much about the lost profits or for some reason doesn’t want to change its business model.

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