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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Microsoft Co-Founder Baffled by New Windows OS

One of Microsoft’s founders, Paul Allen, had to admit that he was baffled by Windows 8, but later sorted the things out.

The man known for co-founding Microsoft along with Bill Gates admitted he found new Windows OS not easy to manage when first tried it. Paul Allen explained that he had been running Windows 8 Release Preview on his desktop and a Samsung 700T tablet when he faced a number of puzzling aspects of the operating system, including the dual, and sometimes dueling user interfaces.

Paul Allen believes that the bimodal user experience might bring in some confusion, particularly when you can open and run two versions of the same app simultaneously. The Microsoft co-founder also criticized Windows 8 along with many other experts, saying that it should allow setting the desktop as your default view. Finally, he didn’t like the lack of the common Start menu. Allen believes that new OS doesn’t help people to learn the new Windows 8 style UI, nor it should hide the shutdown command. He said that the developers should provide a kind of a visual cue showing that commands are available, and explaining how to invoke them. Paul Allen admitted he wished that a Power tile had been available on the Start screen in order to make those commands more accessible.

Although Windows 8 shows an animated tutorial during setup, which can demonstrate how you can access the Charms menu, this is the extent of its opening-round assistance. Anyway, Paul Allen still believes that even with its out-of-the-box quirks, the new Microsoft OS would be manageable by users and that the company has to address them in the next version. Although these innovations may prove confusing at the beginning, after you discover most of them the OS should become familiar.

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