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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

US Politicians Spy on Each Other in WoW

The US Democratic Party was noticed doing crazy things recently – it went as far as to start a witch hunt into how the candidates play the World of Warcraft.


In the State of Maine, one of the Democratic candidates was told she can’t be stand for office only because she played an Orc assassination rogue. She was attacked for a “bizarre double life”, since in World of Warcraft her character is “Santiaga” – an “orc assassination rogue” that features green skin, fangs, a Mohawk and pointy ears.

Actually, she never made secret of her Orcish activities in the popular online game – moreover, she was always blogging under her own name about her achievements in the game and the so-called “left-wing politics” that the other would call “conservative”.

Maine GOP even quoted her Orcish lines from the messages she posted, and in one of them she was saying something wrong about tax policy. In the meantime, Maine GOP remain unrepentant of its witch hunt and still believe that orcs are not good for politics. They keep insisting that playing any video game means that the person is at least immature and the voters should know about this. In other words, the fact that the person spends so much time on WoW can tell you something about her work ethic and immaturity.

However, it is not true. The candidate’s official site proves that she is also running the school-based programs for a statewide mental health centre. In addition, she used to be a Democratic Party chairwoman for her city and a vice chairwoman of the county party. In fact, this move might simply backfire on the GOP that seemed to look petty before. This is just ridiculous how the local democrats keep rallying the gamers of World of Warcraft in the state to support the candidate as a “gamer under attack”.

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