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Monday, October 29, 2012

White House Cleared Chinese Tech Firm of Spying Allegations

Finally, the US White House has cleared Huawei of all spying allegations. Just a week ago, the American congressional report has warned against allowing Huawei and ZTE, both based in China, to supply critical telecom infrastructure. The fears were that the use of Chinese software posed a security risk to American companies, since Huawei could transfer over sensitive information to its government.


Nevertheless, the White House reviewed the security risks posed by Huawei and ZTE to American telecommunications firms and found no evidence that they had spied for their government. It was said that there was risk about the gear of Huawei, the 2nd largest manufacturer of networking equipment throughout the globe, but that was because of several vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, this is perfectly normal for the tech equipment and doesn’t mean that the manufacturer is spying for a foreign government.

Undoubtedly, the American press won’t let things go. Some already started discussion whether or not the security flaws found in Huawei gear appeared there deliberately. The others say that it gives an opt out for Apple or Microsoft when vulnerabilities are discovered in their products.

In the meanwhile, the White House inquiry was not the same that the senators conducted. First of all, it was helped by intelligence agencies and studied the reports of suspicious activity. The investigators also asked detailed questions of almost a thousand telecom gear buyers. As for Huawei, the company claimed that it spent one year collecting evidence and then was ignoring whatever didn’t fit into the spying idea.

Actually, the truth is that the White House was hoping that its research would prove that Huawei had indeed been spying. It was said that someone from the government really wanted evidence of spying, so the research would definitely have found it, if it were there.

Huawei representatives claimed that although the company didn’t see the review, it wasn’t surprised that it revealed no evidence of Huawei espionage. In the meantime, the allegations were based on the assumption that the company’s CEO founded Huawei 25 years ago after being laid off by the Chinese army. This is quite a weird basis for accusing of spying, though.

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