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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Chinese Hacked American Power Grid

The organization whose software is responsible for remote administration and monitoring of large sections of the American energy industry recently warned its clients about hacker attacks.


According to Telvent Canada, digital fingerprints left by the hackers point to China and one of its hacking groups known for numerous cyber-espionage campaigns against the US companies. The intruders somehow managed to bypass the corporate firewall and security systems and break into the system.

The company has sent letters to its clients, saying that the hacker attack took place on the 10th of September. The intruders installed malicious software in the system and stole project files from one of its most important offerings – a product which would help energy companies mesh older IT funds with more advanced “smart grid” methods.

Telvent Canada explained that it had to disconnect the usual data links between customers and affected parts of its internal networks. The company is still trying to find a virus or malware files, but the security experts confirmed that Telvent Canada doesn’t think the intruders obtained any sensitive information which could enable them to access a customer system. The experts also doubt that any of the hacked machines have been connected to a customer system.

According to the software company, Telvent Canada was helped by both law enforcement and a task force of representatives from its parent company, Schneider Electric. In the meantime, security experts confirmed that the website and malware names found in the Telvent report point to some Chinese hacking group named “Comment Group.” This group is known for its involvement in sophisticated attacks targeted at harvesting IP and trade secrets from energy corporations, patent law companies and investment banks.

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