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Monday, October 22, 2012

New Video Game Leaked to BitTorrent

The last few days were happy time for the gamers all over the world: they had really good reasons to become excited, because someone has shared their newly released Halo 4 through torrent portals.

The image posted on the websites and recently confirmed by the publisher revealed the two discs included in Halo 4 video game. The first disk has the full game on it, while the second one contains the install files. Despite the fact the there is almost three weeks left before the official launch of Halo 4, the 343 industries-developed Xbox 360 exclusive game has already been leaked onto peer-to-peer file-sharing portals.

The industry observers confirmed that the game is travelling around the web: some of the peer-to-peer networks offer single ISOs of each disc – the first one for the campaign and the second one for the multiplayer component – while the other services offered a combined two-disc download for free.

Of course, the software giant Microsoft was very disappointed with the news, particularly when it knew that the number of downloads and seeds are rocketing. The representatives of the company claimed that they have seen the reports of the video game content being leaked on the Internet. Microsoft promised to work closely with its security teams and law enforcement in order to somehow address the situation, but it’s unclear what it can do at the moment. Thus far, Microsoft has tried to take some preventive measures against the aggravating issue, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to stop piracy. The company has managed to remove gameplay footage of the shooter from YouTube, as well as the videos that pertain to the opening cinematic and the title’s ending segment.

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