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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

China Called Social Media Harmful

The country’s ruling party is going to further clamp down on social media. The Chinese government is planning to eradicate inappropriate data from spreading across the Internet and promised to punish dissidents spouting anti-Totalitarian rhetoric. Unfortunately for the country, it can only do something to censor free speech, but it’s not up to them to change nature of the web.


Actually, this is exactly why the country has promised to come down on free speech activists and dissidents. The local media reported that social media services like Weibo can be too tough for the monitoring rooms to control. The country is going to use the full might of its numerous party members to quash what it calls “unfavorable discussions on the Internet”.

Industry observers believe that China is shooting itself in the foot. In fact, social media users, after being forced into keeping a quiet and uncontroversial line, the country’s almost 200 million microbloggers would simply become as boring as the current Twitter users in the United Kingdom, describing themselves as Social Media Lover, Dad, Coffee Enthusiast.

Meanwhile, the worries are about the danger that the largest players in the telecommunication space might also suffer. Such companies as Tencent and Sina Corp are the ones that largely rely on the Internet, which means that any intention to sanitize them to the tastes of the ruling elite will only have a negative effect for their stocks and shares.

The media reports confirm that the Chinese ruling party is also planning to crack down on "too entertaining" TV programs that are shown during primetime as well. Instead of the entertaining content, the channels are required to promote “fine literary and artistic materials”. It sounds like the Party wants to push for pro-Nationalist, traditional Chinese cultural programming, which is simply being dressed up as an attempt to restore a lost national identity.

The ruling party of China considers the westernization of the country very harmful. This may be the reason why reality and talent shows will only be permitted to run for one hour and a half during the prime time hours between 7.30 pm and 10 pm. Instead, they will have to show news and culture shows, which might be not such a bad idea!

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