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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

PS3 3.73 CFW! Near

after long wait "Mathieulh" Has started to flame people by showing them a screen shot of the decrypted lv_0. What does that mean? It means that he was able to get the 3.73 FW keys

By seeing the above screenshot its suggusted that "Mathieulh" did hack the 3.73 FW, Which means that we can have a 3.73 CFW in no time, but it all depends on Mathieulh, whether he would release it to others or not. But as some of us know that Mathieulh is a person who keeps things to himself,which means that he isn't planning to release the 3.73 keys ( bad news ). He also mentioned that he is not going to release it.

Look at what he says:
"By the way, I won’t be posting keys, I won’t be posting dumps and I won’t be saying how it was done, time to work gentlemen."

This might be the $ony harsh act on GeoHot or may be it is his personal intention.

but remember that earlier someone leaked the Metldr method in which it is shows how to decrypt lv_0. of Which "Mathieulh" claimed that it was his work and showed how it will be done. So now it all depends on the other dev to work on it and release the 3.73 keys. Or perhaps someone will leak his work again.

Guess what!! we might have a great gift before or on Christmas. Hope for the Best. Now as he has shown us the 3.73 lv_0 decrypted, some other dev will get excited and release the keys or steal it from him and release themselves just for the fame.
who knows !!

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