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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Usenet Service Lost Legal Battle

Dutch anti-piracy outfit named BREIN represents multiple members of the entertainment industry. Recently it has won a two-year battle against the company News Service, whose main activity is reselling Usenet services to multiple providers.


Despite all its attempts and appeals to go on with their operations, the company was recently forced by court order to cease its activity and delete all violating material from their site. News Service has published a statement, saying that they didn’t see how it could comply with the court’s order. As a result, in the end of October the company began interlocutory proceedings, within which News Service asked the summary Judge to order pro-copyright outfit to cease the execution of the court decision. However, recently they’ve learned that the summary Judge has denied the claims of the company. Consequently, News Service is now forced to cease its activity with immediate effect. Nevertheless, the administration of the online service has announced that the portal will continue to appeal the court’s order. In the meantime, some industry observers believe that this struggle may be futile.

BREIN is an anti-piracy group having many years of experience behind it and is particularly good at hunting BitTorrent tracker websites, but it has never claimed a hunt on Usenet services before. This is considered the first major win of the anti-piracy outfit against a Usenet provider. In addition, this victory could easily set a precedent and encourage BREIN to close down other large newsgroups. For example, two of the most important newsgroups, Astraweb and Giganews, are already worried about being not that cautious in this area of activity. Indeed, BREIN’s focus may simply switch to them.

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