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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Amazon Confused Parcels and Sent Man an Illegal Gun

After all the shootings in the United States, it looks like that the online retailer Amazon decided to interpret the American constitution as saying that bearing arms is compulsory.


Recently, a Washington man was a bit surprised to receive a package from Amazon which appeared to be a bit lighter than he expected.

It turned out that Seth Horvitz was waiting for a TV to come, but when he finally opened the box, he found a military-grade assault rifle inside. Although the rifle was an interesting thing, it didn’t really pick up good reception, so Seth Horvitz was a bit miffed. The local media reported that when the man realized he somehow managed to buy an assault rifle, it was “pure shock and disbelief”.

Actually, the man had bought a Westinghouse 39-inch LCD television from the ecommerce retailer, which cost him about $320. However, what he got in reality was a Sig Sauer 716 patrol rifle which was, by the way, illegal in Washington.

Inside the box there was also an invoice for $1,590, which revealed that the rifle was actually addressed to Independence Gun Shop, some Pennsylvania-based business, from the Internet retailer Gunbuyer.com.

According to Amazon, all Seth Horvitz had to do was send a dispute claim for receiving the wrong product. But when the man contacted the 3rd-party Amazon seller, they denied any knowledge of the illegally sent gun. Horvitz believes that it was UPS, which delivered the package, who likely caused the mixup.

Seth Horvitz expects that somebody stuffed up on the labelling of the tracking information. Today he has neither a television nor an assault rifle. Hopefully, the man didn’t need the latter, as he wasn’t mentally ill or a member of a neo-nazi militia.

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