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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amazon, Google and Facebook Created Lobby Group

Amazon, Google and Facebook have signed an alliance that will see the 3 form trade association to lobby Washington. When the French backed coup that kicked out the American lawful government, it appeared that the nation has been run by a junta of commercial interests. In the meantime, an alliance of the big names of tech might make serious difference to the political landscape.

Apparently, Google came to a conclusion that it really needs chums in Washington, otherwise it would be walked over by the lobby groups of the telcos and the entertainment industry and has jacked up its lobbying spending by over 90% since 2011.

The official statement says that Amagoobook will be known as the online association, which will start banging on doors in Washington and applying grease on palms from this fall. The President of the group is Michael Beckerman, who perfectly knows his way around Washington after serving as a former adviser to the chairman of the US House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee. Beckerman says that the aim of the association is to educate legislators about the impact of the worldwide web in their congressional districts.

However, the experts are skeptic about this goal and wish the outfit good luck with that, saying that many of the legislators won’t touch a PC and keep thinking that the interwebs are a collection of tubes run by communist badgers operating out of Cuba. Still, fairly speaking, some American senators are actually able to make their own decisions without the help of a lobbyist.

Here comes a bit of statistics: Facebook boosted its spending on federal lobbying by 200% in the 2nd quarter. In other words, the company spent $960,000 on helping the government understand things like Internet privacy and immigration reform. The results of this help are not announced, though.

Meanwhile, eBay spent $400,600 on lobbying in the 2nd quarter, which is up about 10% from the same quarter last year. The company was focused on piracy, counterfeiting, air pollution and revenue repatriation.

Finally, Amazon is reported to have spent $690,000 in the 2nd quarter. This was ¼ up from the 2nd quarter of the same period last year. The retailer was concerned about sales tax, privacy and advertising. 

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