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Thursday, August 9, 2012

File-Sharing Can Help You Improve Your Business

Who said file-sharing has negative sides only? Any business – small or big – uses a lot of documentation. It’s file-sharing that can help your business to organize, document, and get easy access to all the papers in just a matter of minutes. Below you will find the description of how to do that.


With your business expanding, it is necessary that you keep the fast growing paperwork at bay. There are many ways to do this efficiently, and you can choose to take advantage on file-sharing software platforms which can help you keep all the important files in one place. Below there are just a few features of an extensive business organization.

1. Notifications. Each time you upload, modify or delete a new document, e-mail alters will inform you about the changes in question. In addition, this can save time and effort within the large projects, while also keeping you up to date with the latest modifications on important files.

2. Instant access. It will be extremely easy to find exactly what you were looking for. With file-sharing feature you will have access to all your organized documents whenever and wherever you need.

3. Custom build. Major part of the user-friendly programs will allow you to customize the file-sharing system, while also integrating it with other pieces of essential software, such as the document management applications.

4. Easy exchange of documents. While the usual method of sending documents is by e-mail, it sometimes happens that you forget to attach the document or send the message to a wrong address. In the meantime, file-sharing clients with a simple interface will make it extremely easy to upload your files and then email a link to your customers or partners, who are able to download the file in a moment.

5. Real-time editing updates: you can also select which employee can have access to certain data.

After all, the file-sharing software is able to make a huge difference in your business. Its three main advantages are the following:
- using of a private server rather than a shared one.
- user accounts that make your and their job easier.
- security issue (perhaps, the most important feature). You can make sure that you benefit from SSL logins, encrypted passwords, etc.a

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