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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Judge in Charge with MegaUpload Case Stepped Down

As you remember, MegaUpload was closed down at the start of 2012, emerging in the headlines all over the globe. In the meantime, the founder of the service, Kim Dotcom, as well as his colleagues, was released on bail, and the cyberlocker’s owner is still awaiting the court’s decision in the extradition case.


Now the local media report that Judge David Harvey, overseeing Kim Dotcom’s extradition in the United States, has stepped down. First of all, the case was postponed until next March, and the judge expressed his opinion on the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a trade agreement whose goal is to help with piracy issues. One of its provisions focuses on DVDs region codes (this is what lets the media disk to work only in certain countries), which were developed to prevent digital piracy.

Meanwhile, the judge called the United States “the enemy” when it comes to tackling piracy matters abroad. He said that under Trans-Pacific Partnership and the American Digital Millennium copyright provisions it is prohibited to do that, and if someone does, they will be treated as a criminal. So, David Harvey concluded that “we have met the enemy and he is the United States”.

By the way, it was David Harvey who reinstated MegaUpload’s founder’s rights to use the web based on his good behavior, and let him pay a visit to a recording studio so that Kim Dotcom could finish his politically-oriented hip-hop album. At the moment, it is unclear who will be put in charge with the case and how the whole story will end, but the experts are on Dotcom’s side and are almost sure that he will win the case after all. But how many years will pass before this happens – no-one knows…

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