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Sunday, August 19, 2012

American “Six-Strikes” Regime Postponed

The Center for Copyright Information is the outfit responsible for tracking the copyright infringers down when the “six-strikes” graduated response regime kicks in. Nevertheless, the system, which was originally supposed to be enforced a year ago, was again postponed for later this year.


Apparently, the legislation was delayed in the first place because the responsible parties failed to meet the deadline, which was in May 2012. While the experts thought that this delay might have something to do with ACTA treaty being rejected, the Advisory Board member Gigi Sohn explained that they still needed to find the appropriate language before starting sending out the notification letters.

As you may already know, the “six-strikes” legislation was the result of a collaboration between Motion Picture Association of America, Recording Industry Association of America and 5 of the biggest broadband provider in the United States. That’s how CCI was created, and Gigi Sohn became one of its public advocates. Now she is ready to release some details on how the bill progressed.

She confirmed that the Board, with the Advisory Board’s advice, had been testing messages for the alerts to find out what would be effective and what wouldn’t. The testing in question has included focus groups with parents and young adults. However, the alert methods of the organization, as well as messaging system, is expected to be almost certainly be shaped by the recent reports from France which discuss the demise of its “three-strikes” HADOPI legislation.

Since the eyes of the public are focused on this legislation, the industry observers expect that the warning e-mails will mostly focus on promoting legitimate alternatives rather than on punishments. In addition, one more reason of delaying the legislation is because the American Arbitration Association is still to finalize the appeal procedure. For the Internet users, it is good news, because it concerns their rights to defend themselves through an appeal.

While the US users are waiting for a leak or public statement on the “six-strikes” graduated response system, they may want to look through helpful reports on how to deal with the system when it becomes law (i.e. how to circumvent it).a

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