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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Internet Archive Turned to Free BitTorrent Downloads

Anyone in the world is now able to download classics like Night of the Living Dead and Plan 9 From Outer Space through BitTorrent networks from the Internet Archive. Its founder Brewster Kahle announced that the service is currently offering over 1,000,000 torrents spanning films, radio shows, live music performances, books and other free public domain content. Brewster Kahle explained that the service turned to BitTorrent as the primary download service thanks to its overall speed. Nevertheless, visitors wary of the P2P network are able to use the old-fashioned method of downloading via both HTTP and HTTPS.


The founder of the service said that BitTorrent was the fastest way to download items from the Internet Archive, as the BitTorrent application downloads simultaneously from different servers situated in different data centres, as well as from other users who had downloaded those Torrents already.

Brewster Kahle explained that the distributed nature of BitTorrent swarms and their ability to retrieve torrents from local peers would surely benefit those visitors who have slower access to the service, including people residing outside the US or inside institutions with slow connections. He thanked BitTorrent community for evolving such a valuable technology allowing for the rapid, reliable, and resilient distribution of files.

Now let’s see what exactly the Internet Archive can offer you to download. Actually, it’s literally anything that’s in the public domain. Top 25 downloads of the service include Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy of books, such films as Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959), Alice's Adventures, Night of the Living Dead (1969), episodes of The Three Stooges, House on Haunted Hill (1959), and much more.

John Gilmore, the EFF founder, said he supported the original creation of BitTorrent as he believes in building technology to make it easy for people to share what they have. The Internet Archive today also helps people to realize that BitTorrent is not just for ephemeral or dodgy items which would disappear from view in a short time. The protocol is the best way to get and share large files which are permanently available from such sites as the Internet Archive.

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