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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dell Shut down His Daughter’s Twitter for Security Reasons

Tinman Michael Dell got furious with his teen daughter after the girl made a mockery of the $2,700,000 Dell annually spent on security protection of his family.


Numerous media reports confirmed that Michael Dell had to shut down his daughter Alexa’s Twitter account after the girl revealed so much about both his and her movements online that it was very easy to plan any kind of attack.

Alexa Dell, 18 years old, has been detailing her every move on social networks like Twitter and Facebook down to the exact arrival times in New York and a list of her favourite shopping hot spots. This actually was enough to give her minders a heart attack, because such information allowed any kidnapper to work out a decent plan. The last straw was when Alexa Dell went as far as to publish her high school graduation dinner invitation which foretold the place and the time her parents would be within a few of weeks.

In the meantime, Michael Dell pays around $2,700,000 annually for the security protection of his family, including Alexa, who makes it almost impossible to keep her movements in secret. The estimations were provided from Dell’s regulatory filings.

Children publishing on social networking services are fast becoming a nightmare for the security companies who are hired to look after rich CEOs and their families. Aside from kidnapping, the posting personal data on social media websites can lead to various security breaches. For instance, a well informed hacker can use some of the posted information to guess passwords and try to hack private and business emails or servers. Such intrusions may have inexplicable consequences.

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