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Thursday, August 23, 2012

uTorrent Will Make Its Advertising Plans Optional

Recently, BitTorrent Inc. announced that uTorrent – the number one file-sharing application on the web – would support ads. Of course, uTorrent enthusiasts couldn’t take the news lightly and their reaction was exactly the one experts expected.

BitTorrent Inc., when making the announcement of an ad-supported file-sharing, also encouraged the public to express their opinion. What they received was lots of comments.

Many users called it an absolute disgrace and pointed out that uTorrent used to be an excellent lightweight application with great features, which would be spoiled by adware. Users fear that the client will turn into a “bloated mess” like the rest of the applications.

Although the majority may not think the same, BitTorrent Inc. did pay attention to all opinions and announced the other day that they decided to offer users the chance to choose whether they want an ad-supported file-sharing client or not. Eric Klinker, the company’s CEO, said that they had long contemplated an opt-out mechanism for advertisements they would be experimenting with. That’s why BitTorrent decided to release the initial edition with an opt-out mechanism, because this is what their users deserve.

The intentions of the BitTorrent Inc. were to use the money from advertisements to improve and invest in the future of file-sharing technology. It means that this experiment might help prove that there’s a legitimate 3rd way in digital distribution.

This reaction of the uTorrent users hasn’t come as a surprise to a company, however, because it wasn’t the first time groups of uTorrent users lashed out against the changes. So, BitTorrent is probably confident that most of their users will support the experiment.

A separate forum post was published by BitTorrent Inc. in response to the accusations of its client becoming bloatware. The company explained that they would be removing Apps in a near-future release since they haven’t been a success among their users across the globe. At the same time, the company is going to evaluate other existing features in order to ship a slim base client with only those features that users like and use.

Besides, many users call for a smaller and meaner client than the current uTorrent. The company admits that over the past year, it has considered different ways to getting there and is taking this request seriously.

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