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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

MI5 Fired IT Consultants

British spooks MI5 recently fired its IT consultants company after the latter failed to meet deadlines in implementing the new intelligence-checking system.

The security service confirmed that the consultants promised to come up with a computer system able to help MI5 officers carry out secret searches on suspects, among whom there might be people who may pose a threat at the games. However, the software MI5 was waiting for wasn’t ready to be safely trialed before the Olympics.

According to the technical reports, the new electronic records management system had to bring together all MI5 intelligence data, so its officers could carry out complete searches of both old and current records. Such approach could allow the officers to finger a terror suspect who had been dormant or hiding. The project in question cost over a million, but faced all sorts of teething troubles.

Jonathan Evans, the CEO of the security service, is already miffed that some costly IT security contracts have been spiked. According to Whitehall, the decision to delay introducing the new intelligence-checking software until after the Olympics was made beforehand. The reason for this decision was that it was considered too risky to introduce new system just before the games, without allowing for the probation period.

The media sources also quote Evans as saying that it was a fair criticism to insist there were a number of cases where using consultants and contractors was not as controlled as it should have been. Jonathan Evans claimed that he has fixed that problem now. Apparently, by making the consultants redundant. Hopefully, the system will be implemented after the event.

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