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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wikipedia Study Proved Encyclopedia’s Accuracy

A Wikipedia-sponsored “pilot study” has praised the accuracy of the most popular free Internet encyclopedia and claimed that it’s better than Britannica. By the way, if you write a page on Wikipedia about yourself, one of its editors will delete it for being advertising. Nevertheless, when Wikipedia commissioned a study into itself and reported that it was wonderful, this was considered normal.

8 moths ago, the Wikimedia Foundation enlisted the e-learning company Epic and the experts from Oxford University to conduct the first organized look at online encyclopedia’s accuracy. Previously, a 2005 report by Nature revealed that Wikipedia had at least 4 mistakes per article, while Encyclopedia Britannica had 3.

The new results claimed that Wikipedia articles both scored higher in each of 3 languages, and fared well in categories of accuracy, references, and overall judgement. Moreover, the report insisted that there were almost no differences between the Britannica and Wikipedia on style and overall quality score, while in reality everyone understands that the Britannica articles weren’t penned by a person with a crayon, like some of the Wikipedia articles seem to have been.

Epic’s press release also claims that Wikipedia articles emerge commendably, pointing out that one of Wikipedia’s advantages is that its articles were more often updated than other articles, plus they were generally considered to be better referenced. In addition, the free online encyclopedia’s articles appeared to be at least as strong as other sources in terms of comprehensiveness, lack of bias and readability.

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