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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kim Dotcom Told the Court He Was Beaten by the Police

Earlier this week MegaUpload’s founder took the witness stand and said that he was physically abused (punched and kicked) by the cops during the raid at his house.


Three-day long hearing at the High Court of Auckland has started. It is scheduled for that long because Kim is not just trying to get some of his money back (those which has nothing to do with the case), but his lawyers also follow a court ruling saying that the search warrants used to raid Dotcom’s house were invalid.

Kim Dotcom told the court that when the raid was just about to start he was busy installing a Windows update. That’s when he heard helicopters outside and thought that it was some guests arriving to celebrate his birthday. However, the events that day proved to be something entirely different.

Dotcom explained that he heard loud banging noises and was scared and worried. He believed that he’d better wait for the cops to come to him rather than popping out and scaring someone who might shoot him. This brutality was unnecessary, he says – if someone simply had knocked on Dotcom’s door saying they have a document with charges, he would have let them in because he didn’t expect anything like that ever happen. In addition, it seems that the cops were following Dotcom for some time that day and had a chance to arrest him when he was leaving the music studio in the morning.

Speaking about the action again, MegaUpload’s owner admitted that in the “red room” where he was hiding he had access to a firearm, the first two rounds in which were rubber bullets. Nevertheless, when the police came in, his stance was one of “surrender”, which for some reason didn’t stop the police to use force.

Dotcom claimed he had a punch to the face, boots kicking him down to the floor, and a knee to the ribs. One of the coppers was standing on his hand, and his wrists were tied with a cable. Dotcom admitted it was really tight – he was screaming.

In the meantime, the three-day long hearing will also take statements from the country’s Special Tactics Group – the elite anti-terror force which actually conducted the raid in question. In addition, CCTV footage captured at his house is scheduled to be scrutinized. Nevertheless, the local prosecutors are currently trying to conceal the footage, allowing only a transcript of police-recorded audio.

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