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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Iran Will Disconnect Its Ministries from Internet

The Iranian government has come up with an interesting method of dealing with the American and Israeli government efforts to take its key ministries offline by doing this itself.

International press reports confirmed that the Iranian government is planning to take key departments and state agencies offline in September in order to protect sensitive data from hacker attacks.

Recently Iran has suffered from a few high-profile attacks which have targeted the country’s nuclear and oil facilities. These attacks turned out to have been carried out by the American government, according to American press leak, in cooperation with the Israeli government.

That’s why Reza Taghipour, Telecommunications Minister of Iran, has made a decision that it is easier to protect sensitive information by getting off the Internet. The minister decided that the worldwide web was untrustworthy since it was controlled by a few countries hostile to Iran.

During a conference at Tehran’s Amir Kabir University, Reza Taghipour announced that the local spooks will create a situation where the precious information of Iran will become inaccessible to these powers. In other words, Iran wants to replace the Internet completely with a national intranet by 2014. At the moment, the plan is going to take state agencies off the Internet as the first step.

However, the experts point out that it won’t work that well. For instance, Stuxnet was installed manually into computer networks through a flash drive. In case the Iranian government gets its intranet set up, this web will contain any malware inside the country. This will be even better for the CIA and Mossad, who won’t have to worry about infecting any allies because the malware will stay inside the local Iranian network. 

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