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Friday, August 10, 2012

Finnish Band Helps Its Fans to Access The Pirate Bay

As you may already know, the most popular BitTorrent tracker in the world The Pirate Bay has been banned in Finland. Recently it turned out that the experimental Finnish band named Alymysto wasn’t happy with this turn of events and decided to help their fans access the tracker. The band truly believes that BitTorrent is a great way to promote themselves.


More than a year ago, the anti-piracy outfit IFPI and the Local-Piracy Center have formed a coalition to file a lawsuit against Elisa – the largest Internet service provider in Finland. The court decision said that the music industry was entitled to ask for The Pirate Bay to be blocked. This eventually led Elisa to apply these measures. Nevertheless, the battle is still not over, because the ISP is driven to go to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, two other Finnish broadband providers, Sonera and DNA, were also forced to cut off access to the BitTorrent tracker.

Although the music outfits are happy with the decision, saying that it’s great news for the entertainment industry and musicians, the band named Alymysto begs to differ. Their lead singer, also known for directing the popular film “Iron Sky”, called the court decision “insane”. And for the audience it is normal to see such a response, because thousands of musicians already expressed their opinion on BitTorrent as being a very important bridge between unknown bands and their fans and don’t want the court to mess with their P2P-based promotion.

The content creators admit that they have embraced the web since the very beginning, having their works on sale in most of the online stores. At the same time, the staff of less established bands can be found at torrent trackers.

As such, Alymysto published a brief on their official site where they advised their fans on how to circumvent the ban. There are a number of the solutions, including piraattilahti.org and other proxies and VPNs. The band has also made an interesting point by emphasizing the fact that blocking The Pirate Bay isn’t just hurting their business, but also wasn’t a good way to tackle the problem of piracy. Alymysto says that the best way to fight piracy is to create the system which would make it easy to sell creative works digitally with care of the fans and customers.

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