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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Music Band Defends Its Fans in File-Sharing Lawsuit

All Shall Perish, an American deathcore band under the label Nuclear Blast, learned that its fans were sued for downloading the band’s tracks though BitTorrent.The news took the artists by surprise, and they have decided to talk to the label and drop the case.


At least 80 metalheads were facing a fine of up to $150,000 for downloading All Shall Perish’s music albums. However, the band announced that it wasn’t suing its fans and had no knowledge of the lawsuits. Now the artists are looking into it and exploring their options.

As for the record label, it announced that it also respects artists like All Shall Perish who don’t want to pursue file-sharers. Nuclear Blast confirmed that All Shall Perish wasn’t consulted about this lawsuit and didn’t want to participate in it. The band immediately asked the label to cease all legal action against its audience. As a result, Nuclear Blast and World Digital Rights stopped pursuing the file-sharers.

The official statement of the record label claimed that Nuclear Blast and SKP Enforcement UG, both experienced in tracking unauthorized downloads and music file-sharing, took a decision to cooperate with World Digital Rights in order to fight against illegal file-sharing in the United States of America. In the US, the ISPs under the law have to hand out the IP addresses of the PCs from which the downloads were generated. Upon collecting this data, the ISPs act in the interest of the musicians, which is important to the future of both the artists and the label.

Nuclear Blast underlines that the ability to recoup the investments both parties have made is essential in order to create new works and to survive in music business. That’s why people should be aware that the P2P file-sharing is against the law and harms their favorite bands. However, the label also respects artists like All Shall Perish who refuse to pursue their fans. In similar cases, the parties involved pursue people who infringe copyright legislation in order to avoid the financial loss and protect the value of their works.

The record label counts on the loyal fans who have been supporting the label and its bands for over two decades now. Nuclear Blast reminds that every sale helps support music and the people who work hard to bring music to the masses. So, for people who continue to buy music legally there’s something every loyal fan can be proud of.

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