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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cyberlocker’s Admin Accused of Money Laundering

The Oron case takes a new turn of events: the company has been sued by the porn studio Liberty Media, and now its administrator is accused, aside from copyright violation, of money laundering through Hong Kong and converting about $3,000,000 into gold bullion.

Two months ago, a lawsuit was filed against Oron’s admins for around $35,000,000 in copyright violation. However, a judge ruled that the service must pay the adult studio the least amount of $550,000.

Although many thought this was the end of the case, recent events proved different. A few days ago Oron asked the court to unfreeze its assets ($750,000, including the attorney’s fees), explaining that they are able to pay via a US PayPal account, so there’s no sense to freeze more of their money.

Moreover, the lawyers of the website asked the court to let them access $200,000 more to pay for post-judgment motions and an appeal. Of course, the studio’s lawyers were against this, saying that a thorough breakdown is mandatory and claiming out that the company failed to provide a detailed account of its overall funds. The studio claimed that the defendant has almost $3,000,000 in gold stashed away, so in case of need it could liquidate or sell a portion of this bullion. However, in this case it would be spending money that weren’t traceable and weren’t likely to be seized. That’s presumably why the money was laundered like this.

The studio’s lawyers explained that first the money were collected via PayPal, then wired to Hong Kong, then converted to gold stashed away. The plaintiffs even presented the court a copy of an e-mail containing details about Oron’s presumed owner. In addition, they claimed that the cyberlocker’s staff closed down their service on purpose to have a trump when in court.

There is information that the website’s servers with information are still in LeaseWeb data center. Moreover, the Oron’s owner is claimed to have yet another website, called Novafile.com. The adult studios insist that Oron has 9 known accounts and a stash of gold bars. However, the cyberlocker believes that the court should only order disbursements from the one American account – the one where the court’s jurisdiction can have immediate effect. So, if the company needs $200,000, it should use, or borrow against, the $3,000,000 worth of gold bars it has stashed away.

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