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Sunday, August 19, 2012

uTorrent Will Become Ad-Supported

uTorrent client was originally launched 7 years ago, and in 2006 was purchased by BitTorrent Inc. At the moment the application accounts for 125,000,000 active users a month, thus being the most popular P2P platform in the world. BitTorrent Inc. recently announced that the next update will bring a new feature, which will make the client ad-supported.

Becoming the most popular file-sharing platform involved plenty of work and dedication. In result, the old uTorrent turned into not just a BitTorrent client, but an extensive tool to download and upload from your machine or remotely, stream while downloading, rate, comment, and much more.

A week ago a forum post announced that the application will become ad-supported, which would add to uTorrent a fresh approach to creating a no-nonsense and free torrenting experience. Although BitTorrent already generates around $15,000,000 annually, this number will certainly go up after the application becomes ad-supported. This means that the advertisements will be integrated into the application in the form of “featured torrents”. The hopes are that they will generate revenue by advertising relevant content like movies, games, books and music. One more use of “featured torrents” is to inform the Internet users of news, while promoting independent content creators.

BitTorrent Inc. explains that these new changes mark the company’s next step towards looking for difficult balance between keeping its lights on and providing a positive user experience. The upgraded version of uTorrent will display a featured torrent at the top of the users’ torrent lists. This space will be used to offer different types of content. The company promised to work towards bringing the users offers relevant to them, including movies, games, music, software, and everything else that you could find interesting. The company admits it may not get it right on the first try, but promises to continue improving the efforts based on users’ feedback.

The new feature which may upset someone is that uTorrent will now use user’s IP-address to pin-point their location. Still, BitTorrent Inc. promises to guarantee privacy anyway. The users, in the meantime, don’t know yet what they should feel to an ad-supported application.

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