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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kim Dotcom’s Raid Footage Released

A few days ago Kim Dotcom, the owner of the former MegaUpload service, took the witness stand and explained about the events of the day when the cops raided his house in an overzealous manner. Finally, the footage of the events that day became available.


So, the overwhelming display of force (helicopters and semi-automatic weapons of anti-terror force and the FBI agents) at MegaUpload founder’s house finally takes shape. The raid started on January 20, 2012, at 6.46 am. The footage reveals that while the helicopter was carrying elite special tactics group, the voice on the radio said: “Ground units, Gates are open.”

Once the helicopter circled the mansion, a police voice recorded conversation revealed: “I need two guards working, one at the gate and one roaming”. The next words were: “Main entry into the bedroom of the target, door’s closed, slammed and had a security lock on it, we’ve breached it”. However, they failed to find Kim: “Moved through, he’s done a runner, can’t find him in either the studio or bedroom”.

The MegaUpload’s founder explained that he was on his bed when the raid started, and when he heard the noise, he pressed an alarm button located right at his bed. Once pressed, the button automatically sent a signal to all security guards, including instant messages to everyone informing about the alert. Then Dotcom got up and went to the red room.

Since the house was being secured, everybody at the scene was accounted for and contained. The police radio was saying: “We have five Philippine females and three children”. Finally, at 7.11 am the cops managed to have Kim constrained.

Commenting about the equipment worn by the police during the raid, the cops listed: “A gun belt with a secondary weapon, a police issued glock pistol, additional magazines and the primary weapon”. They explained that they wanted to match the threat level – in this case a low threat with their dress. The police claimed they made conscious decision not to wear full tactical kit.

When Kim Dotcom’s lawyer asked the police how his client was handled, the officers admitted: “Yes, there was deliberate force applied”. They explained that their primary objective was to secure suspect as soon as possible in order to prevent destruction of evidence.

What evidence? It was obvious that it would have been impossible for Kim to hide or destroy any evidence, because the FBI supposedly seized the cyberlocker’s servers before the raid started.

The footage of the raid can be found here : http://youtu.be/OZa2_8PMJz0

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