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Saturday, August 4, 2012

uTorrent Helps Artists To Cash in

uTorrent is known as the popular file-sharing platform allowing content creators to earn money from free material found on BitTorrent’s networks.


BitTorrent Inc., the company behind uTorrent, has cooperated with an established musician – DJ Shadow, who will include software from advertisers in the free bundle, along with the exclusive content produced by him. The method of generating revenues is simple: each time a BitTorrent user installs that software, it will generate revenues for both the musician and the company.

Just 10 years ago the idea of giving away their work for free could make the creators frown. However, the things changed dramatically since then, and today the file-sharing platform is practicing new ways of helping musicians. The idea behind it is very simple: the company promotes the bundle to its some 150,000,000 users, while the package also includes software which is optional to install, regardless of whether it is an anti-virus or media player platform. Eric Klinker, the CEO of the company, believes that they are able to make digital distribution more viable for both artists and their fans. Starting now, they are going to test new ways to drive profitability for musicians while delivering even more meaningful media experiences for the users.

DJ Shadow became the first artist to participate in this experiment – he has already made available a BitTorrent Bundle including not just his work but also different goodies and sponsored software.

The core business of BitTorrent Inc. is creating the best torrent products worldwide, and while the company always has advertising and offer-free products in market like BitTorrent Plus, it also sees how relevant and meaningful good material offers are to its consumers, and how the BitTorrent community feels supportive of the content creators it cooperates with.

Talking about the promoting the featured material, BitTorrent may apply different methods to reach out both new and loyal users. The newcomers can download the bundle when they install the app, while loyal users can be reached with banners and text advertisements.

Many industry observers agree that the new business model built on top of the BitTorrent ecosystem represents the future of content because this is where fans are. Our digital age is the right time to bring musicians, moviemakers and game developers into this conversation in meaningful ways as well

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