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Friday, August 10, 2012

Online Security Bill Reached Senate

The Cybersecurity Act is a law similar to CISPA, which seems to be doing great as it has already made its way through the US government – much faster than the experts expected.

What you should know about CSA (Cybersecurity Act) is that it has received numerous amendments, and some of those were applauded by the Electronic Frontier Foundation because they could help with consumer privacy. Nevertheless, the EFF has also noted a controversy in the Section 701 of the bill – the latter could lead to some abuse of power from the part of Internet service providers in the sense that they would be able to block proxy services.

As for the Cybersecurity Act, it will soon reach debates in the Senate, according to the report from the media – the motion to proceed to CSA was approved 84-11 after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) agreed to an open amendment process.

The Cybersecurity Act aims to protect the people from hacker attacks against critical infrastructure like the electrical grid, banking systems, transportation networks and so on. Meanwhile, President Obama announced that he supports the revised version of the legislation that had been introduced by Lieberman, but noted that the bill lacked some of the key provisions of earlier suggestions. However, the experts pointed out that the provisions he mentioned were very controversial, because they could seriously affect the way legislation was applied.

Moreover, some of the press reports explained how military officials think that online security threats were on the rise and CSA2012 appeared to be the most viable solution to address them.

The only question is whether these fears of the cyberwar are real or just another way to cash in…

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