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Sunday, August 12, 2012

American Authorities Reluctantly Embrace the Cloud

The research from IDC revealed that the American government agencies seem to increase their interest towards cloud services because of the growing demand for enterprise architecture resources.

In a best practices report IDC studied the progress of cloud in the US agencies, noticing that although there was a growing demand for cloud services, IT managers weren’t clued up on their entity’s overall cloud strategies, nor the resources existing in purchasing and implementing the cloud.

As for the government employees, they are recognizing that the cloud becomes very important to IT strategies. However,they have to evaluate what cloud services mean to them and their agencies. 1/3 of the respondents lacked knowledge of cloud budgeting.

The research revealed that in the American government 90% of those surveyed believe that cloud services will have a significant impact on infrastructure. In the meantime, local government respondents appeared to be most sceptical about cloud computing. Around 15% were sceptical about the cloud, calling it not important at all. Another 15% said they would allot 1-10% of their IT budget to the cloud.

In the United States, the government agencies included in the survey leant mostly towards big IT vendors over smaller providers. It is still unclear whether it’s wise or not: at least outside of the United States, some critics had the worries about company information prone to interception by passing through American servers. Meanwhile, a procurement drive in the United Kingdom aims to level the playing field somewhat by introducing the public sector to SMBs and small entities, including in the cloud.

Shawn McCarthy, the IDC Government Insights research director, points out that the outfit’s research proves there’s been significant progress in cloud services. Nevertheless, overall progress would only pick up the pace when a number of important challenges have been appropriately looked at. The challenges in question include a lack of knowledge on funding available to them for cloud and enterprise architecture changes which have to take place if the government agencies are going to move into the cloud more aggressively.

McCarthy explains that by focusing on greater outreach efforts to bring all IT specialists in line with agency’s cloud plans, the government agencies can start benefiting from cloud computing services.

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