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Friday, June 29, 2012

Apple’s Co-Founder Met MegaUpload’s Owner

Steve Wozniak, known as the co-founder of Apple and just a good guy, met up with the creative industry’s public enemy number one, Kim Dotcom. Perhaps, he got on the death list of the entertainment industry after this.

It has been known for a while now that Kim Dotcom is going to launch a new digital music service, saying that it will “unchain” musicians and allow them get most of the profits. Many industry observers agreed that it was a very brave move – to start a new anti-creative industry business when being wanted by the United States of America over alleged criminal copyright infringements, along with money laundering and cyber crime.

Kim Dotcom said that Steve Wozniak was a really great person and a supporter who had been helping MegaUpload users get their content back. He wasn’t the only celebrity to support the cyberlocker – Dotcom had plenty of high-profile support earlier, including Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian, and Intel's Will.i.am.

The Dotcom’s plan is to launch an online service called MegaBox. He described it as a cloud-based music service, which he has been developing until MegaUpload was closed down. The peculiarity of this music service will be that it will purportedly share 90% of revenue with the musicians. This approach seemed interesting to Steve Wozniak, who flew all the way to New Zealand to meet the MegaUpload creator.

The creative industry observers made a conclusion that Wozniak wants to help the cyberlocker members get their seized content back from the American Government. In response, the government claimed that it might allow hundreds of thousands of users to get their non-infringing content back, but not for free.

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