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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

London Got Fast and Free Tube Wi-Fi

A few days back London home broadband seems to run as slow as the trains: free Tube station Wi-Fi was turned on for the Olympics, so the citizens of the UK capital may soon prefer to go underground to get a good connection speed.

Earlier in June, Wi-Fi hotspots were turned on at many London Tube stations: Euston, Oxford Circus, Kings Cross, and a number of other busy stations now provide temporarily free Internet from Virgin Broadband.

The survey, conducted into the download speeds of various stations reveals that commuters and tourists crammed onto platforms are enjoying even faster speeds than they would at home. Indeed, the average download speed for the Tube is estimated at 12.7Mb, which is undoubtedly fast enough to watch Euro 2012 when avoiding pickpockets, as well as some live Olympics footage when waiting for one of the London’s ambling trains to turn up.

As such, the tourists over for the Olympics might be impressed, while the speeds they are offered compare quite favorable to that of the average British household, which can only boast a meagre 7.6Mb. For instance, Euston station offers an average download of 14.59Mb, and Victoria can offer an average upload speed of 13.53Mb. However, no-one knows whether such speeds remain available after legions of Olympics fans turn up.

Regardless of some dissent from the natives, the experts believe that the ability to use the web at stations, though not on the Tube itself, will be quite popular among tourists. In addition, while the tourist-targeting Wi-Fi may remain free for a month, people living in London will have to shell out for the service once the Games come to an end. 

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