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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hackers Stole 1.7GB of Department of Justice Data

The worldwide-known hacker group Anonymous has announced that its members managed to grab 1.7GB of information from the United States Department of Justice. Beforehand, the hackers took down the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ official website.

Anonymous announced itself through YouTube video named “Monday Mail Mayhem”, along with publishing a download on the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay. The hacktivists said that they were releasing 1.7GB of information which used to belong to the United States Bureau of Justice, until that moment.

Although the announcement alluded to the contents of the stolen information, Anonymous preferred not to highlight any specific discoveries. The only thing it revealed was that within the booty users might find lots of shiny things like internal emails, as well as the entire database dump.

In addition, Anonymous took credit for the takedown of the United States Justice Department site, a claim which has been corroborated since. Anonymous “lulzed” because they took the official site down after being owned, thus showing without a doubt that they were scared of what would inevitably happen.

By the way, this isn’t the first time that the hacktivists collective has targeted the United States Justice Department – earlier in 2012 there was another attack of Anonymous registered on their official website.

In the meantime, the US Justice Department hasn’t commented on the news, nor there were clarifications on what exactly was stolen and if there were any scandals due to the leaked information. As usual, Anonymous asked everyone to search through the data to find something interesting.

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