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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Iran Enlisted Hackers and Bloggers

Some cyber intelligence expert revealed that Iran is stepping up its use of the Internet propaganda, hacking and other sophisticated tools some use on the Internet. It was claimed that the authorities of the country are using a number of paramilitary outfits in the effort.

There are a few interesting facts revealed, one of them being that the efforts of the Iranian government aren’t intended to take on enemies of the regime by direct actions, but instead to promote the ideals of the Islamic revolution. Their main focus is believed to preserve the philosophic foundation of the revolution and to decrease western influences on their local culture.

The experts insisted that the Revolutionary Guard has been paying bloggers $7 per hour to promote their agenda on such online resources as Facebook and forums. That may seem a pretty sweet gig for many, because the official average monthly salary in the country was estimated at about $500. For instance, an Israeli think-tank claims the running rate is $4.3 per hour.

Three years ago, the Rand Corporation also published a report which said that the IRCG played a role in monitoring online communications in the country, trying to “mitigate the influx of corrupting foreign ideals”.

Despite the fact that local propaganda campaigns might seem crude, you shouldn’t forget the Soviet approach was both “subtle” and intelligent, while many still believe in conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, Western propagandists aren’t much better, because they would have people believe in things like Iranians’ intention to put a nuclear warhead and so on.

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