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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Poland Noticed Organized Attacks On Torrent Swarms

The appearance of the Pirate Pay and its plan to protect the entertainment industry’s interests seems to revolve around some anti-piracy method. The latter, apparently, works quite well by attacking torrent swarms.


This method appeared to be so effective that it is now mentioned in the worldwide news. Indeed, the massive amounts of traffic generated by those attacks have been so effective that even Poland’s Cyber Emergency Response Team noticed them. The technique is the following: in order to disrupt or temper with a torrent swarm, you have to send massive data packets, able to flood the group by reaching all members of the targeted swarm. Meanwhile, the targeted groups are exclusively Russian torrent swarms containing films. This is a major reason to suggest that it’s the hand of the Pirate Pay. Nevertheless, the origins of the packets have been recognized as coming from Russia, Canada, China, Australia, and the United States.

However, what is the most interesting in all this is that at least one of the companies involved in the attacks received money from the country’s largest copyright holder – Microsoft Russia. Of course, the Pirate Pay is also involved, as it was financed to fight piracy by applying its own flooding technique. One may wonder, first of all, how many companies from around the world have been bought off to carry out these attacks, and most of all, how legal is this technique? DDoS attacks (distributed denial of service) are usually against the law, and industry experts believe that this case is no exception.

Thus far, Russian file-sharers haven’t complained about any problems with BitTorrent networks.

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