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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MegaUpload Battle Continues

MegaUpload’s founder Kim Dotcom and his attorneys keep fighting back the criminal charges brought against them by the American authorities.

Dotcom’s attorneys have recently asked the Virginia Federal Court to drop the charges against the company founder and his colleagues, because the US violated MegaUpload’s 5th amendment right to due process when the country’s authorities shut down the file-sharing service. In case the court agrees to drop the case, this decision would bring one of the largest criminal copyright cases filed by the United States to an end.

In their desperate attempts to shut down Dotcom’s multi-billion dollar business, the authorities of the United States didn’t just seize the website’s domain names and servers, but also took away Kim’s personal belongings. Then, trying to extradite Dotcom and his colleagues, the US law enforcement had asked help from foreign authorities.

Since the moment of their arrest, Kim Dotcom and his colleagues have battled American authorities in order to escape extradition, and their efforts seem to be successful, at least partly.

In addition, Dotcom’s attorney, Ira Rothken, continues insisting that the file-sharing service can’t be served outside the jurisdiction of the United States. That’s why, if the Virginia Federal Court decides to drop the case of MegaUpload, it would clearly represent a deadly blow to the American government, which would eventually be sued itself.

MegaUpload hosting service was closed this past January, and since then the case has been holding the attention of the industry observers all over the world, who are now waiting for the court decision to see what’s going to happen.

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